Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cardiac arrest, Cigna foo, Humana Drugs FAIL, Seahawks win sloppy; Ma'am and music

About 6 am, Ma'am was yelling and beating on the door, but it is too soon, too early in the morning to let her out. But she was my first stop after I got dressed. She was under the stuffed chair but did not come out when I called. Next time I sat at the piano and played, she came running. Petting her is a better use for my hands, it seems. When I switched to the stuffed chair she followed and eventually sat on my lap. Well, half her weight on the arm rest the other half on my thigh. It's hard to get up but I had a cardiology appt at 10.

Got to the appointment and it turns out the clinic is out of network for my Humana coverage so I went home.

Tried to call Humana but the wait time was 2 hours, they said call back after 5. Cigna had charged me for November, I called them to fix that but 3 hour wait time.

Filled the stray cats' wet food three times today, first two times it was gone in half an hour, and I was inside so no pix. Final time one of the less photogenic cats came out, maybe 1 good pic as she dove through the opening.

Lunch was lobster cakes from a pre-made package of 4. They came out limp and squishy even after an extra 5 minutes in the oven.

Watched 90 Day The Other Way and the Pillow Talk for it.  Lots of reversals. Deavon is taking the kids and going back to the US. She may not return. Jenny got a "promise ring" but Sumit promised his mom he would not marry Jenny. Jenny is delusional, thinks Sumit can get her a visa extension. Fat chance. Brittany went home, will try to get a K-1 visa for Yazan, but his family has Hamas roots, probably won't be allowed in. But one never knows with US Immigration. Armando and Kenny got approval to get married, little Hannah is ecstatic. The wedding and who attends it promises much drama.

Watched most of the Seahawks-Eagles game. Poorly played on both sides, Seattle squeaked by with a win.

Called Humana, 25 minutes on hold but got a good local rep who sent me a PDF with all the Humana local cardiologists. Called Cigna, 10 minutes on hold, nasty rep marked me as no longer a customer and said I had to mail in a proof of coverage from Humana to get my November bill refunded. So I got that together.

BASFA zoom meeting was only half an hour.

Streamed for an hour, lots to chat about.

Salad and then I chopped some dark meat turkey into a cup o noodles and that rounded out dinner. And mint chip ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
December Fools Day!
Check with Humana pharmacy - where are my dugs?
1 pm PCP apppointment

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