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Lake Mead finally, Ma'am set free - Spook is chill

No cat in my bed last night.
Got so caught up with online stuff almost forgot to eat the breakfast which was right there.
Used Google to find the Boulder picnic area at Lake Mead. It took me way down Lake Mead Way, but it did get me there. My Senior Pass got me in free, plus a map and their newsletter.

Mostly I just kept driving on the somewhat narrow 50 mph road until I saw the lake in the distance. Passed the Long View viewpoint and Sunset, but pulled off at the next one.

Las Vegas Bay Overlook:
Picnic tables like this were at all the viewpoints

A walk down the trail gave a cool view


Next turnoff I took was the fish hatchery but it was closed.

Then Lakeshore Drive heading towards the marina -

 Little outhouse on the prairie

The Boulder Beach access road was blocked by construction, but they let those of us making turns onto it through after a 5 minute wait. I took the south beach road, following a towne car which looked like it knew where it was going. It did. Submarine races. But I pulled off by the restrooms - which were locked - took some photos of the lake and then got closer.


Lots more pix on Flickr [clicky]

Obligatory selfie at Long View on the way back

The trip home was a lot shorter, a turn onto Warm Springs cut out a lot of Lake Mead Way, and got me onto Boulder Hwy within 3 miles of Broadbent/Tropicana.

Next stop the ATM, about 20 minutes in line for the single machine drive--thru. Need cash for the shrub planter due tomorrow morning. Then to Walmart, long line for drug pickups so I went to the other side and bought some bananas. Back to the pharm and the line was twice as long. No thanks.

Home, picked up the mail and the December park newsletter.

Checked the webcams and Ma'am was in front of the door to her room, wanting out. Spook was in the livingroom, so I figured why not. M toured the bedroom first, then headed for the livingroom. Spook paid close attention at first but after a while went to her perch by the porch windows and eventually M took over the cat tree.

After processing to photos, I watched another worthless episode of Oak Island. A Hot Bench case where the judges wanted to award $$ to the defendant but he had not filed a countersuit so they just dismissed the case.

Skipped to the end of the Ravens-Steelers game which is where the Ravens lost.

The Bachelorette was weird. She sent home one of the front runners, she just was not feeling it. She had made their date a haunted house visit, and I think what killed it for him is he was screaming louder than her and just did not have her back at all. It surprised all the guys. She had the two drama llamas wait for her and the producers gave Bennett the fake Harvard grad way too much air time before Taysha showed up and told them one of them would be sent home. We don't find out till next week who. If I was her I'd send them both home. Bennett because he's a lying bully and Noah because he is clueless and not a match.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chatters.

Plans for tomorrow:
up at 7 in case the landscaper arrives at 8.
Get the aloe & cactus planted
RPCV zoom

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