Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Up way too early for landscaper

Ma'am was on and off the bed a few times, kind of nervous. Spook stayed out in the front room on her perch by the porch windows.

Up to pee less frequently than usual. Alarm was set for 7 so I would be up & dressed by 8 in case the landscaper showed up at the start of the 8-10 window.  But got up at 6:40, canceled the alarm and was ready by 7.

On the PC with the phone out waiting for the front gate call, but at about 9 saw a leaf blower out my front window. Went outside, Ben was already well into trimming the sage bush. I showed him where the aloe and cactus were and where they were to be planted. I told him just ring the doorbell when he was done.

About an hour later he rang, the bush was trimmed way back, three big aloes and a cactus were in the front yard where I wanted them and 2 small aloes were on the other side of the ramp, close enough to where I wanted them.

He said the bush and the area the 4 plants were in had an underground drip irrigation system, but not the other side. Water those two once a month. I'm keeping two more small ones inside.

Neighbor K knocked on the back door, her cat was under my house. Her cat has been under my sage bush a few times but not under the house. We tried food & treats but Millie didn't want to come out.

I went inside and got the camera in case, but no luck. I just missed golden cat twice.

Chewy delivered a ton of cat food. Amazon delivered 72 face tissue cubes. And one out of 3 windshield wiper blades.

Totally drained from early wake-up. Napped at 3, Ma'am joined me, curled up in my arms.

Walmart - line for drugs was not too long.

Mailbox - USPS lied about my stamps being delivered.

Sold about $2k of stock, considering withdrawing big bucks from my 401k. Downloaded TurboTax, need to fill in that withdrawal to see what kind of taxes I'll owe.

Watched Masked Singer. Once again they sent home a great singer and kept the showman non-singer. They did keep the two other best singers. Finals next week.

No I Can See Your Voice. 2-hour season finale next week.

RPCV Zoom at 6 was a FAIL. Three guys talking about joining the army.

Streamed for an hour, good chats.

RPCV Zoom again, this time 5 women and 5 or 6 men. Talking about lots of stuff. WIN.

Salad and the last of the turkey plus some baked beans for dinner. Mint chip ice cream.
Plans for tomorrow:
Feed the strays and put wet food out for Ma'am and Spook


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