Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Kind of a nothing day except for cat drama

Ma'am slept on the bed most of the night but figured out it was safest to stay out of roll-over and foot-flop range.

Spook picked a few times during the day to make rude noises at Ma'am, but would slink away when she saw me. Or when Ma'am didn't engage. Meanwhile Ma'am has no problem parking herself on Spook's favorite places. And helps herself to the Sheba wet food I put out for Spook. I need to put some in her room.

Morning Hgl was way to high so I put myself back on my usual dosage. The drugs are finally working, I may start Jardiance again in the morning since I'm not going anywhere.

Put the second half of the big can of food out for the strays, and filled the kibble tower with cheap stuff from Chewy. Both untouched for hours. I think they are out of starvation mode. Or others are also feeding them.

Karen called animal control to trap them, fix them & return them, probably will happen next month.

Across the street neighbor came out to compliment me on the new landscaping, and told me she thinks she saw a raccoon go under my house but come back out again. It likes the kibble. Sandi had to have a family of raccoons removed from under her house last month.

Installed flag pole holders on both sides of the house. Old Glory is on the front porch side. Ordered a Peace Corps flag & rings for the other side.

House brand brie and crackers and an orange for lunch. The brie was mostly white wax. FAIL. The only Tivo was PTI. I watched local news, channel 13 was best. 5 has the best production values but it's fox. 3 and 8 are kind of amateur.

Lots of time on Twitter because Twitch didn't have much on it.

Humana denied the doctor's request for larger insulin doses.

Salad and pizza for dinner. I need to throw away the last two pieces of pizza now in the freezer, the stuff from the local shop is vile. 

Plans for tomorrow:
More stray cat patrol
Skype with friends
Weekend should be good for storm chasers
Call some sisters


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