Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

USPS Lied again. Delivery WTF. Drugs are working finally

USPS informed delivery email twice this week said stamps I ordered were being delivered that day. They lied. Stamps needed to mail calendars.

Just started the calendar project, have a cover Photoshopped.

56 candidate photos uploaded to Flickr, please vote for up to 12 of your favorites. The dragonfly and the mantis will be in there, and probably the bee. Some tweaking of contrast and brightness will be done on the finalists as needed. The white space at the bottom is for captions.

I keep thinking I need a haircut, but it's cold out, so no. I should get my nails done though. 

Ma'am spent most of the night in bed with me, and with the drugs finally starting to work there were only 4 pit stops, not one an hour.

Last night I made a mistake in my meds, I took the morning dose instead of the night dose. Not a huge deal because only 2 night drugs are different, both can be taken at any time. I just got more vitamins than usual.  Reloaded all the pill boxes (needed to do that tomorrow anyway). 

Ran TurboTax to see what I would owe if I withdrew $ from my IRA, but Congress hasn't finalized how they will deal with that so the program won't let me enter a number. Grrr. Without the withdrawal I owe nothing and get a refund of all the Social Security withholding I paid.

Stray cats don't like the kibble if there's canned food. But a very dirty raccoon does. Mud all over the feeder, which was knocked into the driveway again. And mud in the water dish. I have a ton of 9 lives cans, on sale at Chewy. Put one out for my cats, they nibbled but are not too interested.

Spook makes some rude noises at Ma'am from time to time, but always ends up backing away,  especially if I am watching. They spent the day in sight of each other but mostly Ma'am on the top of the tree in the livingroom and Spook on the guard platform by the porch windows.

Amazon delivered the Peace Corps flag and the mounting rings, so I put that on a pole and slid it into the holder on the carport side. USA flag is on the porch side. Across the street neighbor has USA flag on one side and an Army flag on the carport side.

Biden is now officially over the top in electoral college votes so I will take down my Biden/Harris sign.

Watched a stream on Twitch, twitch.tv/AllisonBWild, she unfolded her portable kayak and launched it where there are manatees. A whole family of them surfaced around her. One storm chaser found some snow to drive through. I expected more to be out but no. I streamed, but no one showed up. I think I'll give it a rest on weekends.

Need to get my nails done, but they are closed Sundays. Maybe find a different place.

Ordered pizza hut, 5 personal pan pizzas, ate one for lunch and one for dinner. Brownies & mini cinnabons for dessert. Delivery guy did not understand contact-less. He seemed like he expected a tip, but I'd already tipped during the ordering process.

Changed Spook's litterbox

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe call Miki
Watch football
Caption and upload the calendar pix I know I will be using
Iron the Hawaiian shirts & hang up the t-shirts

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