Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cat fight, Football, ironed the Hawaian shirts and hung up all the T's and button downs

The stray cats do not like the 9 Lives "tender morsels" caned food and neither do Spook and Ma'am. The strays have been fed too well I think. I'll be less generous.

Got a lot of shots of the gold cat, who struggled to get those morsels out of the dish, for half an hour.

But today was calendar day. Yesterday I built a cover page and uploaded 56 pix to Flickr and asked people to choose their favorites. Only one photo got more than one vote, and I like it too so it's in. I was surprised how many quality photos I had. At the last minute I realized that the first "this is a calendar photo" that I took this year was not in the final cut, so I removed a cute one of Heidi and put that in its place.

Printing Centers USA has an easy to use calendar builder. The trick is to size each image to 3300 x 2200 @ 300 dpi, and add 350 pixels of white space at the bottom, for a total size of 3300 x 2550. I use Photoshop to write captions in the white space, because their caption feature is not optimal. I also use the events widget to remove spurious holidays (grandparents' day, Columbus day) and add Jewish and Thai holidays. I also remove the time zone map from the last inside page and drag and drop my photos onto the preview page which makes up the back cover.

That all was pretty intense so I relaxed watching NFL games in FF (which mutes the audio). Raiders missed losing to the 0-11 Jets by 5 seconds and a lucky throw. KC won but did not look like a championship offense against Denver. Rams squeaked by AZ, Green Bay crushed Philly.

Got off my butt and took a load of shirts out of the dryer. I set up he ironing board and ironed a month or two's Hawaiian shirts, hung up T-shirts which were in a pile on a bedroom chair, and hung up the laundered shirts. Ma'am explored the bedroom closet while I did that.

Got out my chip reader and found Ma'am's microchip number. A search says her registered name is April M. Or maybe that's her last owner's name. Next week I expect The Animal Foundation to send me her paperwork. I need to text Miki and invite her over.

Intense cat fight when Ma'am was eating Spook's Sheba food. Ma'am sheltered under the microwave cart, and they had at it for a couple of minutes, almost unplugging the water fountain. As usual, no one was hurt and Spook retreated after she made her point. Later that same day Ma'am finished the Sheba food. ;-)

Another day with both of them spending most of the time in their usual perches - Ma'am on the top of the livingroom tree, Spook on top of the platform by the porch windows.

Took out the garbage. Removed the top container from the strays' food tower and filled the bowl with kibble. The container gets whacked by raccoons, and is in the way of photo ops. Also put more morsels in the wet food dish and checked the water bowl.

My last trip to the bedroom, Ma'am hid under the bed, Spook was lying in wait. Minor rude noises but no fighting.

Deleted all the calendar photos from Flickr, since they are all elsewhere on the site, and the uploads are too big (I usually post 1/4 size there to foil thieves).

Lunch was Pizza Hut Hershey's brownies, an emergency measure because I forgot to eat and was having a low blood sugar moment. Dinner: Salad, a personal pan pizza and the last of a container of mint chip ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call about a manicure appointment
Call the denture clinic to see about a repair
BASFA Zoom meeting
Maybe stream
Text Miki  

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