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Today's project was mounting the hose hanger on the carport wall and looping the garden hose on it. Not as easy as I thought it would be, because it had been tightly bound into a spiral and then kicked all over the floor.

No wet food for the strays, just kibble. Goldie ate some, but there's a lot left at 11 pm. Raccoon may get the rest.

The new sheets went into the washer & dryer, came out not as deep blue as they went in. Off-white kitchen towel in with them came out a little blue.

Croissant and Tillamook spreadable cheddar for lunch, the last of the dark meat turkey and baked beans plus a pickle for dinner. (after the usual salad). I need more salad greens.

Packet arrived with Ma'am's medical history and included a free exam. Called my vet, they will honor it. Somehow they are not on the list, though they belong to the sponsoring group VCA.

RPCV Zoom meeting was fun, then I streamed for an hour and then RPCV Zoom was fun again. They are doing Karaoke tomorrow but I may miss it because Miki will be here.

Ma'am keeps eating Spook's sheba food. I chase her away but then Spook won't touch it.

The fireplace new arrangement is working well. YouTubers educated me - keep the glass doors open and the chain mail curtain too because it needs the airflow and it's not going to pop embers out because it isn't wood.

Got the carrier out of the shed.

Read the Ozempic directions, they are different from what the NP told me. I will start Saturday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ma'am to vet. Walk-in, will mean a lot of waiting. Northstar®.
Quick trip for salad greens? It can wait till Saturday.
Miki ~ 4:30
RPCV Karaoke?

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