Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ma'am @ Vet; Miki dinner; Last Minute Karaoke

4 am insomnia, put on my robe & slippers, made a cup of Swiss Miss, watched some mindless TV. I may have lit the fireplace, can't remember. Another cup of cocoa. Back to bed at 6.

9:30 am Started the day with a quick breakfast, then packed Ma'am into the carrier. As I put it on the front seat of the car, the bottom fell out. Cheap plastic clips released. Got it back together without losing the cat or any part of her.

11 am, Walk-up @ vet, 2-hour wait estimated. The parking lot was full + 3 of us on the dirt edge. 20 minutes later a couple of cars pulled out so I grabbed spot #8 and called to let them know I'd moved.

Around noon a tech came out, collected the paperwork and Ma'am, and said the vet would call when she was done. 20 minutes later, tech brings back the cat & paperwork, says Ma'am is fine, just a little fat and could use a dental cleaning.

Home, Ma'am yelling all the way. Just inside the house, doors closed, the carrier fell apart, Ma'am dropped about a foot to the floor and headed for her room & food & water.

Croissant, spreadable cheddar & lox for lunch.

Outside, filled the strays' food dishes, took the poorly placed hummer feeder hook from the front and installed it to the outside of the shed, and grabbed the second one from the roll-top desk and installed it above the cat feeders. Ordered two hummer feeders on Amazon, and a fireplace tool set.

Watched some Hot Bench. and PTI.

Miki texted she would be late - 6-ish. I watched Twitch streamers.

Set up the table & chairs in the livingroom where she could see the lit fireplace.

She showed up with a stack of Thai meals in neat plastic divided boxes, ready to eat from. I put out plates & flatware & made us each a cup of tea.

She played with Ma'am a bit, and took Ma'am play breaks during the meal. She really loves that cat. And we talked till 10 pm. Miki invited me to her NYE party.

Turned on the PC, the RPCV singles Karaoke Zoom was still on, they said it was my turn so I sang Make You Feel My Love, which was a big hit, and turned out the be the last song.

Tivo caught the first episode of the new 90 Day Fiancé rerun, it had not recorded the original. Watched half of the 2-hours, every one of the couples are serious losers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop SodaSense empties at the PO
Albertson's for salad greens and maybe dressing, maybe apples.
Finish watching 2 episodes of 90 Day

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