Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

PO, shopping, cat fights

For the first time in weeks, Spook jumped onto the bed and slept within reach behind me.

At about 5 am, major rude noises, 20 seconds of very loud fighting as Ma'am came in. Spook either crawled under the bed or out to the front room as Ma'am curled up near my head. Spook played with mirror cat.

6:30 pit stop it was chilly, I checked the Nest app, it thought I was away from home. Fixing that was a 20-minute rabbit hole. My Nest account is under a different email address than my Google Home account. I had to invite myself to join my family. And then I had to accept my invitation.

Breakfast, online stuff, then off to the big PO to drop off a SodaSense exchange, and across the street to Albertson's for salad greens, dressing and Piña colada mix. Also got some chocolate pudding, egg nog and ding dongs. And Pringles.

The last Pizza Hut personal pan pizza for lunch.

Watched 90 Day Fiancé - 2 episodes. One couple was not included. None of the four they showed are going to work out. Zero chemistry. At least one Mom is going to be murdered in her sleep - by the fans.

Gold Rush was a long one. Why am I watching strip miners destroying hug tracts of the Klondike & Alaska?  

Spook spent a lot of the day hiding, probably under the bed. But she also was on the bed in the early afternoon being Camo Cat®.

Ma'am loves the fireplace.

She also loves Spook's food & litter box. I'm considering disassembling the cat room. Move the tree back to the front room, store the food & water towers in the shed. Probably a good idea to keep the litterbox there, no room in the bathrooms. Two cats ought to have 2 litter boxes.

Watched PTI. Guest host is a Filipino guy who can't grow facial hair but is trying a mustache anyway. Looks like dirt. And he talks too much about nothing.  

Delivered was a bottle of mechanics' hand wipes. For when I get fireplace soot on my hands.

And two 16-oz hummingbird feeders. They are big. I am used to 8 oz, but I forgot how many oz in a cup. They did not come with anything to hang them by, so ordered some S-hooks. Those should be here tomorrow. I'll mix up some sugar water and fill the feeders. I think I have a couple of small carabiners I can use until the hooks arrive.

Checked my envelope stash, had to order another box of envelopes for the calendars. I also need to print new © labels. Maybe. The 2020 ones are okay too.

And I have all but one address confirmed, so I should print the labels. No rush, the calendars won't be here for another week.

IRA and brokerage stock sales reached my checking account, so I paid off all my credit cards and put some more $$ into savings, in case I didn't withhold enough for taxes.

Ate the Laarb and Pot Thai left over from last night. Will toss the eggplant, and try the yellow curry tomorrow - it may be too incendiary to be allowed to live.

Injected my first Ozempic dose but I think the needle bent, and I may not have gotten any in me. It's a once weekly injection, I'll have to wait till next week to try again just in case. My morning Hgl levels should be a clue. It's a very short needle.

Called Humana to change plans, but I can't till January. And they can't find me a cardiologist till Monday because they have to call the clinics while they are open (M-F 8-5).

Did not stream. No more weekends because no chatters show up.

Plans for tomorrow:
NFL football
Fill & hang the hummer feeders
Put out wet food for the strays, clean & fill the water dish
Garbage night (lots of bulk to put out)
Print address labels (?)
Water the aloe

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