Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday surprises

Went to sleep with Ma'am, woke up with Spook. See my weird dream entry.

Spook is back to being camo cat, hanging out on my bed. She makes rude noises at Ma'am's entrances. Ma'am knows to hide under the bed, or leave. But then she eats Spook's food, uses Spook's litterbox and parks herself in his favorite spots - the porch window platform, sheepskin rug, top of the tree. Lately she has also taken to curling up on my recliner and hasn't learned to get off when I want to sit down. She will, though. But she does do a great lap cat act when I sit down.

Step 1 in de-catting the 2nd bedroom is done, moved the tree out to the front room by the rolltop desk. I thought about putting it in the office, but I'd have to juggle some wires and lamps. Step 2 will be taking the water fountain and food tower out to the shed, pouring the food into the tower by the kitchen. I'm still thinking about the litterbox. I think they are both now using the one in the laundry room. Not sure about the recliner. If it stays in that room it will probably move to the opposite wall. The fleece blanket and the bath mat could go back to the bedroom closet. Scratching post and curved thing can go in the front room.

There's a small rack which used to hold plants that was going to be thrown away, but I moved it against the wall under the thermostat and took my collection of Nancie McDermott cookbooks out of a box they have been in since March and put them on the top rack. They want to fall through, I can put some cardboard down to fix that. The box has been a catchall for small items from a kitchen drawer in Sunnyvale which I don't have an analog of here. In it I also found a pair of S-hooks which I'd hung hummingbird feeders from. So rather than wait for the ones I ordered from Amazon, I filled the two feeders with my home made food (1 cup of sugar to 4 cups of water and about 20 drops of red food coloring) and hung them from the holders I installed yesterday. It will take a while for birds to find them, but I'm hoping that being so close to the wetlands forest will help.

Put 2 cans worth of 9 lives into the strays' bowl, it was 90% gone in an hour. 

Breakfast was lunch. Dinner was the leftover yellow curry shrimp, which was a serious sinus clean-out. Maybe 1 star by Thai standards.

Tomorrow morning is bulk garbage pickup day, and I had a lot of big boxes to donate. Also decided it was time to get rid of a cheap 2-drawer file cabinet which previous owner left in the bedroom closet. I thought about using it as my booze cabinet but it's too flimsy. Also getting rid of a stacking rack set which used to hold linens, but don't have room for it, and the closet has nooks for that. Imagine 6 of these:
And the stacking set

Also the broken cat carrier, and a plastic piece my birthday cacti came on.

Long story short, many trips down the ramp and back again, each time shooing cats from the screen door.

Took out the regular garbage and recycleds. Drove to the mailbox expecting drugs, but there were none. CVS sent me a check for $3.33. I have no idea what it was a refund for. Maybe a canceled prescription.

Tomorrow the pay-in-full $$ for my Quicken Mastercard, which would not download directly into Quicken, will hit the account. Also in the mail was a letter from them raising my credit limit almost double. Also being paid tomorrow are two BofA cards.

And tomorrow the Electoral College votes. Five of Nevada's 6 electors are women.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Humana again to find a cardiologist in-network
Watch 90 Day

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