Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not bad for a Monday

It's late, so briefly:

Called Humana, they located a cardiologist and told me to have my doctor's office give me a referral, which I did.

After breakfast I started getting the mail merge together for the calendars. The box of envelopes was delivered yesterday (I had about 25 from last year, needed 40). Already had return address labels and first class labels and stamps. Doorbell rang, small but heavy package - it was the calendars. 50 of them. After a quick check - they are okay but I went too big on the captions - I printed out the labels. Also printed two sheets (60) gold foil copyright/URL labels for the backs of the calendars.

Set up the new card table in the livingroom, turned on the overhead light & fan, and set to work. Canada first, $4 postage. Europe, Asia, Middle East next, $9. The bulk were domestic, $2.20. On the last one I ran out of $2 stamps but had plenty of $1.

Put the stack in a heavy duty grocery bag, and staged it on the washing machine. The plan: got to the PO after hours and use the lobby mailbox.

Lunch was a croissant with lox and cream cheese.

Internetted. Tivoed.

6-ish put the bag in the car, brought the garbage bins back from the curb, drove to the PO and slid calendars 3 or 4 at a time into the pull-down slot. Took about 3 minutes.

Checked the mailbox - meds from Humana. Home.

PTI, but nuked 90 Day talkback. Did not need to see that drama again. Below Deck was its usual mess, the flower child was fired, the chef had a breakdown missing her boyfriend and the completely lost it over the preference sheet for the next day's charter, and quit in a barrage of obscene cuss words. A shame, she is an excellent chef, but what came out of her mouth was well beyond tolerable. Capt. Lee took it in stride, tried to get her to stay for one meal, but she was done. Looks like he may have to cancel that charter. If I was him I would have canceled it anyway - the food requests were beyond tolerable.

Bachelorette sent two guys home, one should have been sent home weeks ago, the other was a keeper. She cried and cried and cried and cried after sending each one away.

But then there was a rose ceremony - she sent the two drama llamas home, and kept 4 guys for home visits next week.

One guy, Zac, looks like he'll be it. Triangular face like hers. IMHO he's not attractive at all, but she loves that he turned his life around from addict to addiction counselor. Or so he says.

There was a men's tell-all with the losers, but after one segment I was done.

In cat news, Spook slept with me last night, bailed around 6 am but came back when the lights came on. Ma'am got an earful when she tried to come in.

But Ma'am did climb to the top of the tree which I'd moved out of the 2nd bedroom. And she spent time on the recliner and ate Spook's food. It took a while but Spook ate & drank too.

I think it's time to go to one food & water station. And maybe one litterbox. Maybe.

The fleece should relocate to the front room, since Spook thinks it's hers.

Also delivered was cat treats, beef jerky, kibble and a bottle of piña colada mix, which exploded all over the counter when I opened it.

Dinner was creamed corn and dark meat turkey.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drink tea.
Take it easy
Reply to sister's email

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