Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of Many Doctors

Up at 9-ish, Ma'am was on my arm with her tail curled around it. She is always annoyed when I get up. It's cute. No Spook.

The soon to be former cat room sensor is on a shelf above the feeders, and is programed to speak an alert on my Sonos speakers when motion is sensed. I want to know if the cats are still using the room, before I remove the food & water.

Got a call from a podiatrist, my referral came through, made an appointment for 11 am tomorrow.

Got a call from the PCP clinic, they made appointments for me for ophthalmology and cardiology and are working on one for urology. The latter is the most important one short term, cardio is the most important long term.

Watched most of the Ravens beating the Eagles, but fell asleep around the middle of the 4th quarter. Ma'am was on my lap. Or on the arm of the recliner with her front paws on my lap.

Ordered beef ribs, biscuits, cole slaw, mashed & stuffing from a BBQ place via Doordash. Everything was dried out, but there are microwave tricks to fix that. I ate the whole cole slaw serving (for a family of 4) and two biscuits, so had no room for more than 1 of the 5 ribs. Each is a good lunch. I also have turkey dark meat in the fridge. Turns out the unidentifiable goop which I thought might be gravy for the stuffing is apple butter for the biscuits. But I'll use it on the stuffing too.

Streamed for more than an hour, three chatters.

Fireplace tools scheduled to be delivered today were not.

Plans for tomorrow:

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