Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Foot Free and Fancy Loose

Was planning on getting out of bed early anyway, but massive cat fight at 7 am as Ma'am took up a defensive position under the bed and Spook attacked. They both screeched, it was loud and lasted a couple of minutes. It went 3 rounds. As usual, Spook walked away after she made her point. Unusually, Ma'am stayed under the bed for a while.

Breakfast, internet, then put on sandals and drove to my 11 am podiatrist appointment. It was a long drive - more than half an hour due a lot to slow traffic, long traffic signals and construction.

Small clinic, they handed me 5 pages of poorly printed (mimeo?) forms to fill out which were highly redundant and seemed to have been thrown together by people with no editing experience. Many things were asked two or three times, and two forms had lines to sign & date followed by print name & date. Took 15 minutes to fill out.

Doctor asked a few questions, decided what I needed was a routine diabetic foot exam & treatment. Good call. Toenails trimmed, calluses ground down, quick check for neuropathy.

Home, got distracted by neighbor reporting a raccoon under my house fighting the stray cats. Looking down there, no way could a raccoon get past the opening far enough to chase the cats. I put food out,  it got eaten, so I'm guessing the cats are all okay.

Saw a hummingbird at the shed feeder!

I set up a motion sensor to yell at me when it was tripped, but no raccoon. Maybe the neighbor was talking about 8 am? Hmm. I think I'll install something to make that opening cat-sized.

Delivered a day late: the fireplace set. I thought the tongs would work for turning off the gas, but it doesn't look like it. Still haven't found an affordable log set.

Tivo time. Hot Bench 2 episodes, fairly easy to see who is lying. I like how they treat drag queens as equals.

Gold Rush was another useless talk session - nuked it. Oak Island continues to ooh and aah over junk. This time it was a small piece off a small stove. Beyond Oak Island was also a waste, all they did was hype a company which dives for wrecks.

The Bachelorette attempted to do home town visits for the final 4. But they did them by making crude mock-ups of places the bachelors live. They brought in a max of 3 relatives and friends. She sent home the right guy, someone with no concept of how to show emotion. Ivan needs to go, he isn't ready and his family is skeptical.  Brendan is too small, I think, and maybe not all in.  I think she will choose Zac. He has the deepest backstory, is tall enough, and he's clearly in love. And he has a triangular face like Tayshia.

Streamed for an hour, interesting chat.

One more beef rib for dinner with stuffing & garlic mashed - after the usual salad.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe re-arrange the fireplace
RPCV Singles zoom
Masked Singer. Spoilers on Twitch, they chose the right winner.
Football, maybe

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