Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fireplace project

Spent a lot of the day watching clouds - there were a lot of them - and the MyRadar app.

Morning project - as planned, I took the logs out of the fireplace and put them in a big cardboard box, shoveled out many volcanic rocks, pulled out the log holder and cleared the area in front of the gas burner. Also cleared the front of the fireplace so the chain mail curtains can close easily.

Put the log holder back, a little further to the right. Tricky because rocks and the gas feed hose were there. Placed the logs.

My hands were very sooty but I'd bought some mechanics' cleaner wipes, which got off most of it. But not all. It rubbed a lot into the fingers so my fingerprint sensor didn't work.

Ordered some Goop®, which I used to use when I worked on my car. It'll do the job.

Watched Masked Singer Finale. They did it up right, showing bits of all the final three's performances, and reviewing all the unmasked singers. IMHO Tori Kelly was robbed. She should have been in the finals. But they did get the winner right, it was [Spoiler (click to open)] LeAnn Rimes. I used to be a big fan, but then she went all Jesus on us. But her performances on this show were far above anyone except Tori's. I think they would have tied if the producers weren't all about the pink crocodile, who did not sing well, he was more of a showman. His final performance was heavily edited, and mixed out of order.

PTI as usual, and I watched as Weather Channel sent their victims staff out into the cold & snow. And ignored the real news, which was at about 6 pm Las Vegas had 0.04" of rain, the first measurable rain in 240 days, blowing up the all-time record. IMHO less the 1/10th" should not count.

In cat news, Spook slept with me, picked a couple of fights with Ma'am, who curled up inside the circular bottom of the front window cat platform.

Spook sometimes pokes her head in there but it is too big for her to curl up inside. Ma'am spent a lot of the day there.

Before the rain, there was a single thunder clap, which both cats reacted to. Huge wind & gusts blew a rocking chair over.

I lit the fireplace, much easier with the burner in plain sight. Ma'am basked in front of it, as usual. She did not like me removing her from the recliner though.

RPCV zoom was good, then streamed for 40 minutes but no one showed up so I stopped when I was out of things to say.

Dinner salad, then reheated the dark turkey meat. Only ate 1/3 of it, didn't make soup with it. Maybe next time. For lunch I finished the lox and had some crackers & cheese.

Plans for tomorrow:
Feed the strays
Maybe sit outside and watch for hummingbirds. One got blown off the feeder during the wind storm.
Ophthalmologist appointment PM
Albertson's for a few salad things & maybe ice cream.

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