Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Aye 2 Eye

Spook was in bed with me again last night. She also uses Ma'am's litterbox and bath mat. Hmmm. And she seems to have ceded her food to Ma'am. Very troubling.

Morning weight and Hgl was down.

Breakfast & Internets. two streamers to follow but both with poor signals.

Fed the strays. Goldie came out, ate, then went across the street and to the next block. Hummingbird came right to my face as I was adjusting the flag, near the feeder. Another one chased him away.

1 pm drove to eye clinic. It's huge. Forms to fill out were professional looking, lots of staff, lots of distanced chairs. 2 pm appt, called in at 2:10. Tech gave a full eye exam, including optometry. Eyes dilated, 15 minutes till doctor arrived. Yes, I got the only DO in the joint. He was okay, but I had to interrogate him a little to get answers. Like my blurry dilated vision is from astigmatism. And he reminded me that there are the beginnings of cataracts.  He gave me a glasses prescription, and his assistant led me out through their massive eyewear shop. Cash cow, no thanks.

Drove north looking for the Thai temple, but it was a lot further than I wanted to go. Albertson's on the way home, tomatoes, bananas, ice cream, egg nog, veggies for slow cooker turkey leg.

Home, ordered computer glasses from $39 glasses, and since they had a 2-fer with the second one half price, also got driving sunglasses.

Called PCP, asked for more Cipro. Walmart already has it for me. I also want to get Wether's and something I can use for flag weights.

Streamed for half an hour, no chatters. That's it till Monday or Tuesday.

Plans for tomorrow:
College football

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