Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dueling cats, Black Head Hummingbird in the sage bush, 9ers Lose, Seahawks win, driveway cleannup

Spook was in bed with me all night, but around 6 am he left and Ma'am came in. Spook sleeps on the side by the windows, Ma'am starts curled up on the other side, by my pillow. In theory they could co-exist, but Spook came back in at about 8 and chased Ma'am under the bed. Ma'am has a couple of scratches on her nose, and one on her head. Minor, but Spook-inflicted.

Spook has been dipping her paw into the cat room's water - I unplugged the fountain but there's water in the bowl. I should probably un-cat that room.

The strays' food area was getting dirty, so I took the bowls inside and ran them through the dishwasher and hosed down the carport area. Silver cat yelled at me for food, let me pet him. Beautiful green eyes. Put food in the bowl when it was out of the wash, also filled the water bowl. Silver was right on that - pretty near ate it all. Then went exploring in the neighborhood. One thing I did not hose down completely was the muddy raccoon tracks leading to and from the house across the street. 3 minutes of rain was all it took to get him muddy.

The power washer tool I bought did not come with a hose adapter (It's made for a power washer). Ordered a set online.

The kitchen clips on the PC flag are working, so far.

New hummingbird at the feeder, not an Anna's. Later saw it perched on a lower branch of the sage bush. Looks like a  Black-chinned hummingbird. Small, no color. Odd to see one perch for so long, maybe there's a nest in there.

The Cipro is working.

Ordered a pair of Ring outdoor cameras. Need to sell my Arlo setup. Arlo needs to use its own router, Ring doesn't. One for the cat door/hummer feeder and one for the front door.

FFed through the 49er and Seahawks games. Hawks did well, 9ers gave it away.

Watched random TV and a couple of streamers. Napped in the recliner with Ma'am on my lap. After lunch Spook was on my lap getting brushed.

Lunch was stuffing, mashed and biscuits from the beef ribs meal. Chocolate Fudge ice cream with peppermint whipped cream.

Dinner salad, heated up creamed corn (remind me not to buy the house brand again) and two ribs. Ate one, put the other in the fridge. two more are in the freezer. Too full for dessert.

Didn't make the bed, Spook built a nest

Camo cat

Ma'am parked by the fireplace once it was lit. She squeaked her displeasure when I turned it off later.

Delivered - 12W dockers sandals. Still not wide enough. Sending them back.

Google maps lied - there is no Daiso in Las Vegas. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Bird preserve - drop off a calendar, maybe take some pix.  There ought to be more birds than last time. Dress for chilly weather.
UPS, return the sandals

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