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Cats, Birds, Amazon Returns changes, Bachelorette, 90 Day Fiance

Spook was in bed with me all night, as usual left around 6 am, then came back just after my lights came on. Ma'am came in after I was out of the shower. She was everywhere cat, but mostly on the livingroom tree. While I watched TV she was on my arm a lot. She gets really cranky when I want to move my arm. While she was there Spook used the water and food and thought about jumping on my lap but decided not to. Maybe some day I'll have one on each arm.

After breakfast I took the camera and a calendar and the too-narrow sandals to the car. Visited the bird preserve, gave them a calendar, which they liked, especially seeing photos from there in it.

The bee hives in the lobby were seriously depleted. At least two fewer hives had bees in them.

Outside, I went around the back pond after watching a woman with a huge telephoto lens on a tripod trying to shoot an Anna's hummingbird. It posed once, but those don't stay put for very long, and it didn't help that she had placed herself in the main path back to the entrance/exit and people walked into her shot to avoid walking into her.

Did not see any yellow headed blackbirds, but there were wood ducks and it looked like those had gotten busy with the mallards, so many of the wood ducks were hybrids. Got some great reflection shots. Stayed about an hour.

Next, Kohl's to return the sandals from Amazon. Amazon switched their return routine - until recently I could go to the UPS store down the street and drop items off, they would pack them for free. But now they charge for that and want the item already boxed. The sandals came in an envelope, not really returnable. Now Kohl's is the free no-box return place. Kohl's is down in Henderson at the back of the Galleria mall, so a longer drive and a bit of a walk from the parking space. I was the only one making a return, though.

Home, watched a stream from a sailboat on the Tampa side of the Gulf.

Expected a Skype call at 4, but the caller flaked. No response to my call or text.

Took a nap, Spook joined me.

Cup o noodles for lunch. Watched two 90 Day Fiance episodes. Make that three, including the talkback spin-off.

Warm day, did not light the fireplace.

BASFA zoom went quickly. Lots of people but not lots of announcements/reviews.

Took in the garbage bins and set food out for the strays. Did a load of shirts.

Salad for dinner, ice cream dessert. popcorn snack & some PNB.

2nd to last Bachelorette, the guy I thought wasn't all in turned it around, and the guy she saved for last disqualified himself. She doesn't take rejection well at all.

She brought in a former Bachelorette to play big sister, and confessed that one guy she liked a lot she sent home because he froze up when he should have said "I love You". Lo and behold, he shows up asking to talk to her. They let him, he says the magic words, she is speechless, and that's the cliffhanger they left us with.

Plans for tomorrow:
watch some football
Hang up the shirts
Process the bird preserve pictures
4 pm Skype (?)
Below Deck

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