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Ring cameras, Bachelorette, phone calls

And I still have shirts on my be which need to be hung in the closet

Quiet day. Ring camera batteries charged, but two long phone calls and a Skype session delayed setting up the cameras. They are now operative, one on the carport looking at the cat entry & hummingbird feeder, the other on the front porch looking at the door and some of the ramp. Motion detection works. Requires the Ring app on the phone, or on the PC.

Rice cooker made a batch of rice. Dinner was salad then half a bag of turkey stew over rice. Left over half of that, back in a bag to freeze. Packed the rice into about 8 sandwich zip lock bags, in the freezer now.

After dinner, Hgl 90 and dropping. Too much pre-meal insulin. Ice cream helped.

Below Deck was pretty good for a change. Chef came back, and outdid herself. New deck hand is a WIN. Editing was crappy, though.

5 pm went outside to see the planets converge but they are on the other side of the houses and mountains.

The Bachelorette final episode had the obligatory producer-effed-up drama with the emotionally challenged hunk returning from being sent home. The guy who was the best physical match was sent home on account of religious differences. Her family was there to meet the hunk and Zac. Her dad made a special effort to talk her out of it. But she sent Hunk home and accepted Zac's proposal. No After the Final Rose show, for covid reasons.

She will have second thoughts for the rest of her life, I think.

The power foamer turns out to not work with a garden hose, even with the attachement set. Ordered one which does.

Removed the water fountain from the now-former cat room.

Many people reporting receiving the calendar. Bee keeper sister pointed out a mistake. I had labeled a honey bee as a bumblebee. I know better than that. Don't know how my brain farted like that.
Plans for tomorrow:

Waiting for certified letter delivery. USPS.com scheduler didn't work but the QR code on the phone did.  
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