Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quiet day with cats

Forgot to have breakfast. Lots of news online, many of my favorite Twitch streamers were active. Not much on TV except football, FF is my friend. Gold Rush was a rerun. Catfish had an amazingly happy ending - she wasn't catfishing him, she was just too shy to show her face, due to a bad experience in the past. But she turned out to be the beautiful woman in the photos, and she truly liked the geeky guy she had been texting. And now they are dating.

Oak Island was the usual scam, nothing conclusive turned up, but they were all like "wow, that's good stuff" when it really wasn't. History Channel is pouring a lot of $$ down that bottomless pit. Beyond Oak Island was even worse. Minion goes to Utah and falls for some phony graffiti being secret codes from Jesse James, who allegedly was treasurer for a post civil war group which wanted to start a second civil war. The good news is the place is Federal land, so they cannot dig or take anything.

Interesting dynamic when Ma'am was sitting on my lap and Spook wanted to be there. It ended with neither of them there.

Ordered some groceries from Smith's. Arrived on time, correct items, the only bad was she put them blocking the door until I yelled for her to come back. Her mask was hanging off her ear. And the bags smelled like cigarette smoke.

Lunch was the other half of the turkey stew & rice. Dinner was salad and 3 crab cakes from Smith's. Not very good, mostly filler, and bits of jalapeños made it spicier than needed.

Streamed for an hour, had several chatters. Banned one for being stupid.

The new porch camera worked well, notified me when people came to the door, recorded enough to ID them. Carport camera kept false alarming, but after I adjusted it no more alerts. Should have been some, cat food doesn't eat itself. It also didn't detect the delivery to the back door. I may move the camera back to make it more of a back door cam and less of a cat/raccoon/hummingbird cam.  Or I may add a camera? $$

USPS FAIL- the scheduled re-delivery never happened.

Plans for tomorrow:  
10 am cardiology appointment


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