Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

New cardiologist

No time for breakfast, 10 am appointment. Got there 20 minutes early to fill out 5 pages of forms. Why don't they put these online do I don't have to scrawl by hand????

Nurse took vitals, got my history and did an EKG. I suggested she might want to scan my pacemaker, but she said not yet.

Cardiologist is DDG. And smart, and great personality & sense of humor. A real heart throb. She spent a lot of time going over my meds and history. Come back in a month so she can get info from my former cardiologist, whom she knows (his clinic is upstairs from hers). She agrees he's great.

Halfway home, nurse calls, Dr. says she does need to do the pacemaker scan, how about Monday? OK, 4 pm works for me.

Home, just messed around online and watched random TV. Lit the fireplace, Ma'am parked in front of it. Spook isn't interested.

Delivered was 12 3-oz Scharffen-Berger 82% bars. And a certified letter from the park management with a Sept. 24 postmark on it. WTF? And hose attachment for shooting soap and plain water.

Silver cat came up to the back door to yell for food. So I gave them some.

Beautiful hummingbird on the feeder, a friend IDed it as a Costa's.

It likes the sage bush, and posed for me for several minutes.

The outdoor cams are working well, but I think I need one more for the back door.

RPCV zoom was fun, we showed each other on Google maps where we served. My 2nd posting is gone, absorbed by the university next door and a military base.

Streamed for 90 minutes. Good chat visitors showed up late.

Plans for tomorrow:
Read trashy sci-fi because FB and TV will be all Jesus phony birthday crap.
If it's not too cold, watch the hummer feeders

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