Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Just another boring day

Way too much red & green but mostly red on FB. Bothers me that Jewish relatives are celebrating Jesus' pagan birthday (he was actually born in the Spring). And it rarely snows in Bethlehem.

Ma'am slept with me most of the night.

Lights went on as scheduled 8:02, I wanted to stay in bed because I felt like a (common) cold was coming on, but parts of me started leaking so I got up  and took care of business and took a long hot shower. Replaced the band aid with a Curad knuckle bandage. I now have 300 assorted Curad bandages.

The cats surprised me. Spook was sitting on my lap, and Ma'am came running to attack her. They both made rude noises, Spook jumped off my lap and Ma'am went back to the tree. Odd reversal of roles.

I was going to watch the Saints/Vikings game but Twitter was all about Kamara's 6 TDs, which meant the Saints were gonna win, so I skipped it.

Noodles for lunch, salad and cheese on sourdough for dinner. Egg nog and Swiss Miss alternated all day.

1 am carport cam showed a raccoon. Afternoon there were two of them, both went under the house. I need to call animal control. Cats I can deal with, raccoons not so much. Tried to hose them down but only got the tail of the second one and just drove them deeper under the house. :-(

Amazon Fire - watched some episodes of The Expanse season 5. Had not seen any of it before. Very violent, lots of photography in the dark, poor graphics for the in-space scenes. Cool hologram effects as actors gesture at the air to view what's on their tablets. Some truly bad acting. Too many of the actors look alike, actresses too. And the bad guys keep winning. I'm done.

Turbo Tax finally got the IRA section up and running, and it looks like I may get a refund. Won't know for sure till the end of January when I can download from my brokerage, but I'm satisfied it won't be a shock.

Nothing delivered today of course.

Streamed for an hour, had a couple of chatters.

Took some shots of goldfinches through the front windows, and  more of the Costa's hummer outside.

Running the dishwasher.

Ordered Soda Stream diet cola syrups.

Plans for tomorrow:
Groc (salad greens, tomatoes, red onions)

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