Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boxing Day

That's a UK holiday. I suppose it's the day Jesus phony birthday gifts are out of their boxes and the boxes are given to the cats as a second use present.

Got the carport light fixture open, the bulb inside is a 2-prong variety which I didn't have a replacement for. 

Surgical strike shopping trip to Albertson's, mostly for salad greens, tomatoes and red onions (the last one was half rotten). Forgot I already had HB eggs so I bought some more.  They were out of all the syrups. They did not have 2-prong bulbs. Ordered an adapter & a screw-in LED bulb online.

Internetted. Big explosion in Nashville is showing how very inept the police are there. I'm sure we are going to find that they were warned ahead of time by the crazy person and chose to ignore it.

Reminds me of a joke which had to be modified when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms added Explosives to their name.

TV, watched the Buccaneers obliterate the Lions. And watched the Raiders give away the game to the Dolphins. Gruden needs to learn to go for the touchdown, not the field goal.

Youngest sister suggested taking in the pet food after dark, so I did. I think I'll take a break from putting food out for a few days, and screw the screen in place so a cat can get in but not a raccoon. The washer attachment arrived, I will hose down the area and the front windows and maybe the car.

Spook slept with me, bailed as usual but returned when it was clear I was staying in bed till 11. Both cats were in the front room and livingroom, Ma'am parked on the platform in the office while I was on the PC. After I lit the fireplace she was in front of it. And Spook is back on my bed.

Called to cancel my Tuesday PCP appointment because i was to give data from the nurse's suggested new low insulin doses. Those were life-threatening, I went back to my numbers. The Ozempic has not made a dent yet - today was week 3 but I upped the dosage to week 5 levels.

Dinner today was the last of the fish fillets and crab cakes. Salad first, of course.

Delivered today was a new smaller, heavier chef's knife.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe try the chef's knife
Maybe skin & cut some apples
Hose down the carport pet food area and whatever else seems to need it

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