Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

End to a too-long weekend

Sunday, so lots of football. Raiders could have won, but decided to get fancy and copy what the 9ers did last week. And like the 9ers, it cost them the game.

Tampa Bay crushed it, and the Seahawks slid to a conference championship.

Put soap in the new foamer/washer attachment and when I squeezed the handle it flew off. The silicon washer was a FAIL. But it worked fine without the washer. I was able to hose down the carport area where the food had made a mess. Also cleaned the front windows, but needed to squeegee those and the car windows because the water her just beads up. It's got a lot of minerals in it, mostly sulfur.

Screwed the cover on the cat opening to allow cats but not raccoons in. I had not counted on raccoons being in there, and after a lot of noise they managed to claw their way out. Total FAIL on the camera - no hint of them exiting. I'll need to screw that back in. And/or call animal control to trap them.

Watched some streamers. Streamed for an hour, three chatters came in.

Hgl before dinner was 80, but didn't feel low. Maybe the Ozempic is working. I backed off on my insulin shots. We'll see how it goes in the morning.

Spook tried to attack Ma'am on the livingroom tree, but got shouted down. She retreated to the bed, which she now owns.

Dinner salad, followed by pastrami on rice.

Watched half of 90 Day Fiancé

Took out the garbage - more recycles will probably go out in the morning before pickup. Bulk pickup items are out too.

Delivered was another nest sensor, it is working.  I need to contact Google and see if they will refund the one I can't pair.

Also delivered was a box of Polident, squashed. It shouldn't matter if the tablets are broken. I don' think they are.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch the rest of 90 Day
4 pm pacemaker scan

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