Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not a lot Tuesday

Up at 2 am with 60 hgl. Klondike and 1/4 of a container of chip mint. Watched last week's Below Deck not scene for 45 minutes then back to bed.

Aside from pit stops, slept till 6. Watched the rest of BD NS. 10:30 Hgl 183.


Ice cream scoops delivered. They are too small.

3rd Ring camera delivered, battery still charging. This will be back door cam.

Put out wet food in can, cats not thrilled.

One storm chaser driving towards snow. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

$39 glasses gave me an RMA # and I will send back the readers and have them reduce the magnification for computer use.

Ma'am has another scratch on her nose. She was sleeping with me when I woke up at 6.

Enjoyed listening to Nashville scanner.

Watched the latest Below Deck, the chef did an exceptional job, then at the crew party got drunk and made a fool of herself bothering other diners. Batshit crazy, basically. Alcohol amplifies it.

Big dork deckhand hot tubbing with chief stew was a surprise.

Tivo is recording more stuff, too late to watch tonight.

Dinner was mini bagel dogs, not bad. While watching 2 episodes of Ghost Crimes. Or something. Formulaic but well produced.

Plans for tomorrow:
Trim Spook's claws
CVS - iodine, Mercurochrome, because Humana OTC has no such items. Not even betadine.
PO - mail the glasses  

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