Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Raccoons are back. Post box FAIL. CVS visit. Catfish. Spook nail trim

Pretty quiet day. Bees continue to get drunk on the hummingbird feeder, but fewer of them with the reduced sugar mixture. Seeing more Anna's hummingbirds and the one Costa's. And fiches. One finch was trying to drink from the hummingbird feeder, bees scared her off. The sage bush attracts finches and hummers, but no bees yet (it will when it flowers).

After breakfast, drove to the main clubhouse to check out the real mailbox, but USPS has the flap bolted to only let letters through. My little package with eyeglasses in a hard case was too thick, so off to the PO. Stopped at CVS on the way back, found merthiolate & colorless iodine & betadine swabs. Only one person ahead of me in line, but a 10 minute wait because only one cashier and she was dealing with a customer who was trying to get the sale prices for items not matching what was on sale.

Home, read a lot of news. Last night on the scanner, Nashville PD dispatched at least two Police cars and one ambulance to an Extended Stay motel, 911 said a woman said she shot her boyfriend and thinks he's dead. Found the article, and it said they found a guy in the parking lot with a gunshot wound to his leg, took him to the ER but no charges were filed.

Put canned food & water out. Two silver striped cats found it. Brought it all in after dark.**

Mounted the 3rd Ring camera near the top of the carport steps, somewhat hidden. Good view of anyone approaching the steps. Programmed to make "who let the dogs out" audio when motion is detected.
Both other cameras fell down - the adhesive which holds the Velcro to the camera was not making good contact. The front porch cam got some extra double-sided tape and I moved the stray cat cam, screwed it into the wall above the feeding area, looking down. It also has a view of the bird feeder, pretty close up. Programmed it to make a sonar sound. Which went off after I brought the food inside **and showed two adult raccoons fighting and a young one poking its head out from under the house.  I need to get a trapper out here.

On Tivo we had a fairly interesting Beyond Oak Island, describing pirates on the Great Lakes and doing the usual inept, incomplete job of hunting to treasure. Oak Island itself was the usual 2 minutes of content jam packed into an hour. And the usual elation over finding one or two inconsequential items.

Catfish did not end well. The victim turned out to be Just Plain Stupid and the catfish is a career scammer, totally unrepentant. "I kept asking for money because you kept sending me money".

Fixed the porch light, sort of. The first adapter and bulb did not work. The first adapter and a different kind of bulb didn't either. The second adapter and bulb worked, but with a delay. The wiring in the sconce makes me nervous so I called the folks who did a great job on the car charger and they will replace the light on Monday.

Hauled Spook over to the recliner to trim her claws, but they are already short. I wonder if the vet trimmed them when she had her rabies shot. I haven't trimmed them in months.

Rearranged the fireplace, it's back to not smoking up the house.

Dinner was half the remaining turkey stew over rice.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably take a nap so I can stay up till midnight.
I may make pigs in blankets.
Or I may heat up some more pretzel dogs, but those are just not the same. 
I could also make slice-and-bake cookies.
Bring a calendar to Linda the realtor. Have to ask Caryn which house #.

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