Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Party with Ma'am, Miki and 4 friends

Truncated breakfast. Out of bananas and the eggs were bad.

After about a 40-minute drive arrived at Miki's with Ma'am yelling all the way in the folding carrier. Asked to arrive at noon, I was on time, rang the bell, no answer. Next door neighbor saw her in the back yard and let her know I was here.

She was working on training the dog. And had left party/food prep mid-way.

She has two other cats, a small tortie and a large golden point Siamese mix. Both of them liked being petted. Ma'am made herself at home on the bed, which has a thick comforter. She also climbed the cat tree and wandered around a bit. The other guests were a pair of guys who are taking Miki's Japanese class, and a couple - the husband is taking the class, his wife is Thai and works at a Thai restaurant in Miki's neighborhood.

Both the wife & I were having tummy problems, but hers are serious, mine transitory. I'm fine now. We managed to chat in Thai a little, and explain some of the quirks of the language which Japanese does not share.

Stayed till 3-ish, Miki took some selfies with Ma'am and me. I took a couple of pix too

Home, Ma'am complaining all the way. Faster trip, not as many red lights.

Baked the tube cookies, binge watched Pillow Talk, tuned in to some Twitch storm chase streams. Dinner was salad, the last of the egg nog and the last of the pigs in blankets. Ice cream sandwich for dessert.

All in all it was a good January Fool's Day.

Raccoons are making themselves at home under my house, will call Animal Control Monday. The challenge is to trap the raccoons and cats, get the cats fixed and back in the neighborhood and transport the raccoons elsewhere.

No plans for tomorrow.

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