Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quiet Sunday

Up with the alarm for a change. Ma'am made a lot of noise around 6 am when Spook came into the bedroom. No fighting but Ma'am slunk under the bed and Spook went away.

Breakfast was an egg and an apple

Lunch -  found a can of kippers ,divided it between two English muffins with salmon cream cheese and margarine.

Rotated between iced sodas, tea and hot cocoa all day.

Ma'am joined me on the recliner to watch Gold Rush and 90 Day pillow talk.

4 pm took a nap, Spook joined me. Actually Spook was in bed before I was. Later she moved to the bath mat in front of the shower.

Watched a political streamer at a GA Democratic volunteers event. He plans to go to a Trump rally tomorrow.

FFed through the Dallas game. Nuked the other games. I may have kept the Raiders game.

Watched a streamer friend fishing at a mountain lake in CA, very beautiful, calming.

Streamed for an hour, many regulars showed up.

Lots of tweets about Below Deck, but it isn't on till tomorrow night.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up early for 8 am- 10 am electrician window. Replace flaky sconce.
Watch 90 Day Fiance
And maybe The Bachelor
Visit the mailbox

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