Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Last of the calendars, long wait for a manicure, Georgia vote

After apples and eggs for breakfast and putting out cat food for the stays (with Ma'am begging for some of her own), I took 3 calendars ready to mail to the PO. 12:30, called the nail salon asking for a 1 pm appointment but she said 1:30. So I went home -  on my way a recruiter returned my call, the job he had to offer was something I can do. Home, sent him my resume.

Also checked a few streamers on Twitch, made a pit stop and went to the nails place.

And waited.

And waited.

For an hour.

I was about to leave when she sat me down at a station. She did a better job than the last place I went, but cut some corners and did not get rid of the yellow tint from too much cheap acrylic build-up. Pink gel top helped, but not 100%.

That hour ate up my shopping time, so I went home and ordered from Smith's. The shopper only needed to be told twice no substitutions.

Delivered by an uber-ish driver, not the Smith's truck. From the wrong direction. She did not read the bit with the gate code & directions.

Smallest bananas ever, but she got everything else right, maybe. I can't really believe they were out of whipped cream. One mistake on my part,  I thought I was ordering three boxes of mochi ice cream, but it was actually three individual single mochi-like servings. And they were out of chocolate.

No lunch because of the long wait. Dinner was steamed bao from ChowKing. Ate two of the 3, they were excellent.

Sat down to watch The Bachelor but Tivo lost the Season Pass. I'll have to wait till they do a rerun. Or something.

Watched Below Deck which ended with a drunk woman diving into the water at night, obviously a good swimmer, but Capt. canceled the charter when she refused to come back aboard. All the charter guests this time own boats of their own, they know better than to mess with the captain. Crew hanky-panky is mild this time. The woman is blabbing to her friends, the man is denying everything.

Oak Island and Catfish are recording now.

PTI was pretty intense, and thank goodness no basketball. Or golf.

Online shopping for a local sports team lightweight zip-up jacket. NFL has nothing in my size/style. Maybe VGK? Or the WNBA team?

OnTrac driver tossed a package onto the carport steps and ran away. Package was for 2 doors down. Idiot. House numbers are painted in huge characters on the curb.

Nothing delivered to me today.

Plans for tomorrow
Maybe if I charge the car tonight I can go out to the lake.
Unload the dryer & hang up shirts

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