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Dr. Who Series 1

The first two discs arrived, and I've now seen 5 out of the first 6 episodes. Also watched the interviews and "Making of" features on Disc 1.

I'd written a couple of weeks ago when Sci-Fi channel re-broadcast the Aliens in London I episode that I did not particularly like Christopher Eccleston's Doctor. Now that I have the back story, I still think he's too brash, short and harsh. But viewing more episodes, in the right order, has shown he has superb timing and he handles the rare humorous bits brilliantly.

There isn't enough humor in the series. But there is a lot more pathos, and the relationship between Rose and her mother and boyfriend makes the companion role much more real than the sidekicks of the past. I like that a lot. On the other hand, it looks like they have gone for the melodrama stereotype where the young attractive female companion always gets captured by the Bad Guys and has to be rescued. At least she participates in her own rescues, rather than being a helpless waif all the time.

Very good acting all the way through. I especially liked Simon Callow as the Charles Dickens character, and looking him up on IMDB I can see why. Another supporting role which stood out was Yasmin Bannerman as the tree/human woman in the End of the World episode.

The fart jokes I complained about in Aliens in London I toned down a bit in part II, but gave way to even more obnoxious "I wish I was naked" lines from the aliens. The good news is the high production values I mentioned in my earlier post have been maintained through all episodes, with "no wobbly sets", as Eccleston says in his BBC interview. It's great that they have approached this with a real budget and what must be some of the best crew available.

I was amused to find out from the "making of" trailers that much of the show was shot in Cardiff. I'm planning on being in Cardiff in about a month. I think I need to make a pilgrimage to Millennium Stadium.

And before cinchntouch asks, I have not gotten to any Captain Jack episodes yet. Maybe later in the week.
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