Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bone soup

Forgot that I finally made bone soup. Inspired by sister's food blog. I had two beef ribs with meat still on them, and a turkey leg bone in the freezer I'd forgotten about, and also threw in some corned beef which I knew was in the freezer but had forgotten where.

Chopped up some celery, carrots (and wondered why I wasn't using the food processor), sliced up one orange and one yellow bell pepper, quartered an onion, sliced a leftover piece of parsnip. Threw in a basket of sliced mushrooms last. Right after the bag of green peas. Totally forgot the garlic.

Slow cooker set for slow 10 hours, but halfway through the cooker didn't like being on the stove, I had to move it to the counter and start over.

Pre-dinner I had a bowl of it, very good but needs garlic and maybe pepper.

Made 5 quarts, in containers in the fridge. Some will be in the freezer when I find space.

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