Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Raccoon #3 way late, major early nap with Ma'am, KFC

Stayed up past 3 am as raccoon #3 sprung the trap. Waited half an hour in case someone came by to mess with it. In bed by 4.

Woke at about 7:30.  Got dressed, checked the cameras, raccoon was still in the trap. Called Animal Control.

Sat down at the computer to wait for the officer. Saw a slightly beat up red car pass the house slowly then reverse and look at the carport. I went out the back door and he sped away when I pointed my phone at him.

Animal Control showed up soon, and collected the captive in a cat-sized carrier. Not good. She said she was not told it would be a raccoon. Or something. She managed to squeeze it in and take it away.

One more to go.

The officer who first brought the trap had suggested hanging a chicken leg from the top of the trap. Instead of going shopping, I ordered KFC. <$50 for about 5 meals worth of chicken, cole slaw, mashed, gravy & biscuits.

Not much appetite for breakfast, took 2 sessions to eat the banana, and no egg.

Very tired, went back to bed. Ma'am curled up by my head. When I woke up, Spook was on her pillow cases on the floor past the foot of the bed.

Ate one piece of KFC plus cole slaw and a biscuit for lunch. Bagged and froze everything else except one leg.

Watched some streamers. Nova special on DNA genealogy was very good. Odd that Ancestry.com refused to participate.

PTI and Hot Bench later

RPCV Zoom for an hour.

Streamed for an hour, several chatters joined.

Heated up the leftover bone soup #1 of 4, added a chicken thigh from a previous delivery. Chip mint ice cream dessert.

Watched some CNN, MSNBC and CNBC. FBI tells Pence they will e visiting a lot of terrorists identified in the videos. Cuomo keeps calling them "tapes". We haven't used tapes since before he became a broadcaster.

Took the chicken leg, stripped off the breading, tied a string to it and hung it from the top of the trap. Set the trap. Raccoon has been in it a few times but no capture yet. I'm too tired to not go to bed.

I was out on the porch enjoying the view of the wetlands when the back door alarm sounded. UPS messaged they had left a package on the porch. FAIL, they left it on the carport steps. Never saw the porch. It was a cold pack with insulin, should have been handed to me at the front door.

Walmart is still out of my heart meds.

Deposited the Cigna check by mobile app.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the raccoon
I'd like to go to the bird sanctuary, and maybe also the wetlands park.
It's been warm enough for the air conditioner to kick on.
Move the Peace Corps flag. It's in the way of the bird feeder & its shadow fools the carport cam.

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