Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Insomnia, Cardio, killing trees,

Kept waking up. 5 am put on a robe & slippers, shuffled to the kitchen, made a glass of chocolate milk, watched mindless TV for an hour then back to bed.

Slept till 8:30 - 8 am alarm did not fire. Something about 8 am Google Home is allergic to.

Breakfast after drugs. The new Humana Hgl meter is slow, difficult to use, needs more blood than the One Touch, and you have to shut it off and turn it back on again to download the data. No wonder it's free.

10:30 off to cardiology. Major police action blocking the road almost made me late. Far too many police cars to handcuff one guy. Intelligent officers would have taken the action out from the middle of the road.

Vitals taken, EKG done. 11:30 before doctor appeared. Once there she is gangbusters. Taking me off 2x a day Pradaxa when I finish the bottle, and gave me 3 months of samples of another drug, 1x a day, same effect but different mechanism. Xarelto. Doctor wanted to get my health records, which I had at home.

And I have 3 more appointments. 3/8 echocardiogram, 3/18 cardiologist, 6/28 pacemaker check

It was lunchtime when I got out, so they asked me to phone later to arrange to sign a consent form so they could access my pacemaker data download from Boston Scientific.

Home, put my health records in PDF form onto a USB drive. Called about the consent form, told him I was bringing my records soon, so he said to come in for the form.

When I get there, he isn't there, he's at some other branch, but admin has him email the form to her, she prints it, I sign it. They won't take my USB drive, claiming computer security issues. And they don't have an email address.

Home, I print out 90+ pages of records, write a nice note to my cardiologist, put it all in an envelope, print an address label & apply postage. Will drop it at the PO tomorrow.

Message from Amazon, 7 lb bag of kibble has been handed off by UPS to USPS so I have to get it from the mailboxes down the street.

No streamers. RPCV zoom meeting was well attended. Then I streamed, only 2 chatters but several lurkers.

Watched The First 48, PTI and Hot Bench.

Salad for dinner. And a biscuit. Ice cream snacks.

Brought the trap inside, removed the raw chicken legs, added some kibble and a fried chicken thigh. Set up the trap at the foot of the back steps, far from the opening. #4 has been on my back steps, so this may work. Nothing yet, but 3 am seems to be the magic hour.

Delivered was the zip bags, the box was crushed open. Also delivered was a new electric toothbrush. And the kibble.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe the big Albertson's for Blue Bunny snacks
dump the kitchen recycleds into the outdoor bin

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