Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Postal, Groc, fish fillet stream, not much else

Breakfast ate my last banana, so instead of dropping the envelope at the small PO, I went to the big one and the big supermarket across the street from it. They were a;; out of 2%. So I got whole milk. And lots of ice cream.

Watched a couple of streams,FL fishing guy filleted a bunch of big snappers he caught yesterday. Trucker was late sue to snow closures around Idaho.

Set the trap out again, 8-ish #4 grabbed the piece of chicken without springing the trap,  so I defrosted some KFC and tie wrapped it inside the cage. We'll see if he comes back.

Meanwhile neighborhood strays are eating what I put out for them.

Delivered was heavy duty paper dinner plates and a VGK zip-up medium weight jacket. It fits and looks great.

Tivo - PTI, Below Deck Galley Talk about 1/4 of Gold Rush before I ran out of spoons. Summer House was a crock - it gave a wrap up of all the seasons to date, but nothing new. :-(

Blustery & threatening all day but no rain.

Spook slept with me. Ma'am took her place in the morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay warm & dry

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