Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Trappist monks

At about 8 pm #4 snagged the loose chunk of KFC out of the trap and took it across the street.
So I brought the trap inside and tie wrapped two pieces of KFC to the inside back of the trap, and set it out again.
Looking at the cam footage, around an hour later a gust of wind sprung the trap closed so when #4 returned at 3-ish he could not get inside.

After breakfast I re-set the trap. About an hour later my neighbor came over,  there was a cat in the trap. I set it free and reset the trap.
Later that afternoon a pigeon was caught in the trap and all its buddies were all over & around the trap trying to help. I set it free and left the trap closed.

I reset it about 9 pm. No #4 so far. One large tomcat came by but I scared it with the speaker on the cam.

Not much else today. Watched a couple of storm chasers show how much snow they did not get. Watched the S. FL fisherman not catch a lot of fish.

The First 48 did not solve either of the cases. I think one was not a homicide, but the detective did not agree, based on zero evidence.

Gold Rush was way too long again. Band of Brothers Fred is a joke, and his guys are about to lose their shirts. Underwater Fred will be getting rich for a change, despite one of his divers bailing due to anxiety attacks.

All the 90 Day Fiance episodes were either teasers or reruns, so they were nuked.

Lunch was a small meat loaf and mashed frozen meal. Dinner was salad, and a rice & buttered shrimp bowl I don't remember having bought. I will continue to not remember to buy it.

Skype session set for Monday instead of tomorrow.

Found the remote shutter device and cables for the Nikon. Bluetooth, and it works. Y-cable makes it work with the GPS tagger.

Plans for tomorrow:
Quick Groc trip for salad stuff & fruit.
Finish my taxes (brokerage says the forms will be downloadable).
Expecting Amazon deliveries and maybe the electronic anti-pigeon device
Set up for remote controlled hummingbird photos

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