Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Interview. End of an era? Bees and major winds

Up with the alarm, dressed by 8:30, fed the strays, emptied the dryer, jiggled the hummer feeders, but they were clogged with bees.

11 am zoom interview with an RPCV friend for an admin job in a marketing company. She thinks I'd make a good part time copy writer and web site manager. Showed her a couple of bugs on their web site.  Expect to talk to her boss in a couple of weeks. Actual work and an income would be nice.

Sis says the bees have shorter tongues than the birds, so I ordered some bee guards to glue onto the feeders to make the nectar out of bee reach. No birds today thanks to 50mph gusts, but the bees were fine with that.

Also ordered Crush and Jelly Belly syrups to add to the soda water.

Girl Scout cookies are on their way. One of my RPCV FB friends was the first to post a working link to order them online and credit goes to her daughter. ♥

Just for grins I logged into my Walgreen's account, and was able to book an appointment for my 2nd covid shot for a week from tomorrow, but it's at a different branch - a wee bit further away but easier to get to. 1:30 pm. This time I'll wear a T-shirt -easier to get to my upper arm than a button-down shirt.

SoFl fisherman was on the ocean late, the penguin was on the road late too, and VegasDog persons drove down the strip after dark, got a good look at the new archway.

And then it was my turn to stream for an hour. A few chatters.

The cats were weird all day.

Spook spent much of the day under the chair in my bedroom. She joined me when I took a nap at about 3, but only stayed a few minutes.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO, mail the sodasense empties
Albertson's or Smith's on the way back
Maybe try to find the Vegas Wash
If the weather cooperates, set up for hummer photos

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