Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

PO, Smith's bad olives and meh sushi

Had to throw away my latest sheet set - the color had worn off onto the mattress. Loged on to Target and got 3 queen sets delivered. I only ordered two, but the web page burped. At $19 each I may as well keep them.

Down to my last banana and one more salad greens serving, so off on a little road trip. First to the PO to drop off a pair of used SodaSense cartridges, then to Smith's for groc stuff. I never did find the frozen meals. Where I expected them there was only pizza and hot pockets. But there was turkey bologna and turkey summer sausage, and tuna/salmon sashimi. And lox. So lunches are covered.

Home, laid out the clean shirts on the bed for later. Put the food away.

Set up the camera and tripod just after the hummingbird posed for me, but he only came back for a nanosecond, and the camera was aimed at a different port. :-(

Deleted 127 non-bird photos (the remote worked better than I thought).

Strays don't like the morsels canned food (they are like little worms) they prefer the paté. The small bowl of kibble disappeared though.

RPCV zoom meeting was fun, we played pictionary. I was low scorer.

Streamed for an hour. Many lurkers, only one chatter.

Smuggler and PTI on Tivo. The customs bozos put an innocent young woman through the wringer, and were not apologetic at all. A-holes don't know when to back off.

Just for grins, priced a Tesla Model 3 online. Lease is too expensive. Purchase on 60 months might work.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe explore
Maybe read
Set up the camera again

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