Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Spook spent most of the night on the floor under the chair in the bedroom. When the lights came on she joined me on the bed and commenced purring. But I needed to get up and showered and dressed...

Fed the strays.

No birds today, lots of bees.

Delivered was bee guards but I had to order non-gel superglue for them.

Also delivered was a covered trash bin for the bedroom

And the 10 fixed calendars. Hung up two, put one in an envelope for beekeeper sister, will take one to the bird sanctuary.

Humana called, an hour on the phone for the 6-month wellness checkup.

Phoned a new primary care clinic, receptionist transferred me to an enrollment specialist who said a benefits specialist would call today (didn't) or tomorrow. They confirmed the name of the doctor and the address is up Tropicana a couple of miles.

Specialist called, the one I've been trying to get hold of since December. They knew about the delay, wanted to set me up with an appointment for Friday but since I'm getting the 2nd covid shot tomorrow they changed it to Monday afternoon. Yay! It's clear across town. Boo.

Watched some streamers. Three of my faves were on.

Tivo cranked out a couple of episodes of Ghosted, not as professional as Catfished but still okay. Both episodes failed to resolve the conflicts.

4 episodes of Hot Bench. Where do they find all these liars?

Watched a few random seconds of the impeachment trial. Useless. We all know he's guilty but we all know the Republicans will do anything to get re-elected, even if it means sedition.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chat.

Dinner was the usual salad and a frozen meal. And chip mint ice cream. Ma'am curled up on my arm and purred.

Updated my meds list & transferred to the phone.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tread water till it's time for the shot
Get shot
Announce my new superpowers. I am hoping for a hook-up with a female super-heroine.

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