Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Didn't feel a thing. No super powers yet

Fitful night, lots of trips to the loo. 6 am finally gor to sleep but the phone woke me up at 7. I sent it to voicemail. It rang again when I was in the bathroom then again when I was out. It was Animal Control, apparently one of their officers' phones was forwarded to my number.

It was a horribly boring morning, planned to leave at 12:30 for my 1:30 covid 2nd shot, but somehow ended up in the Walgreen's parking lot at 12:45. The second shot was at a much sketchier location than the first shot, which surprised me because the 1st place had one guy obviously hanging out for his drug connection. This place had a parking lot full of them. As well as people sleeping in their cars.

1 pm I got in line at the pharmacy, and it was a long wait because the guy at the front of the line was in full Trupist rant about how it's all a hoax, and he's not wearing  a mask. "No mask no service" got him more vocal, but finally he masked up and they gave him his prescriptions.

Eventually a pharmacist helped me, and I filled out the forms and waited another 10 minutes because some old woman was taking up all the staff's time by not believing they could not magically get her drugs which were out of stock, by calling her doctor. She was still arguing when I was taken to a back room to get the injection. Pharmacist did an excellent job/jab, I barely felt a thing. I also was not asked to hang around for 15 minutes just in case my arm fell off or something. They gave me a fancy CDC card, which the first shot did not come with. There was room for me to fill in the info from the first shot.
Drove home but detoured to the PO and dropped off the calendar for beekeeper sister.

Stopped at the mailboxes, there was an Amazon padded envelope jammed into mine. It was BD alcohol swabs which have been out of stock for months. And some junk mail. And my annual home insurance bill.

Tried to pay the bill online but the web page was broken, kept sending me back to the home page.

Skipped the RPCV zoom. Too  stressed out.

Streamed for an hour, there were chatters.

Snacks for lunch. Ma'am doesn't like the Sheba meat sticks - she's scared of them - but Spook loves them. I dropped a potato chip piece on the floor for Ma'am, she sniffed and walked away. While she was on my arm as I watched TV, Spook came along and ate it.

Spook spent much of the morning in the bedroom closet and the afternoon on the floor by the hampers, but eventually became camo cat on the bed. She is very clean and fluffy now, and looks quite pretty.

Salad and chipped beef on sourdough for dinner. Coffee ice cream in vanilla for dessert.

Not a lot of streamers online today. The impeachment sessions are reruns of the 1/6 event plus harangues. Repugnants will vote no, so it's all a sham. Unless the GOP grows a conscience.

Plans for tomorrow:
No plans in case the covid shot kicks my butt. Some friends tell me they had symptoms the following day.
It looks like rain anyway

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