Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Another windy day in paradise. Did not do much.

Delivered was more novalog insulin than I need, and way more syringes. I need to call Humana to put that auto-refill on hold. I am still working on  humalog which I brought from CA a year ago.

Also delivered was a full sized kitchen trash can with flip top lid, which I need for a bedroom hamper. It replaces a smaller one which has a defective lid.

Discovered an old hospital drama on Ion TV called Saving Hope. Lots of attractive actors, occasional weird metaphysics, decent writing which causes some over-acting but mostly binge watchable.

Not a lot of streamer time on Twitch today.

Gloating a bit over the Texas cold snap. 100-year storm, they are the victims of their own greed, taking themselves off the grid and de-regulating the industries. Massive power outages and no water delivery.

OK and TN are not doing as poorly.

Watched an excellent Nova episode about making biology out of chemistry. The search for creating life from test tubes is ongoing but so far not successful. The narrator is a poor man's Bill Nye, and I don't have a great opinion of Bill, as I knew of him as a minor sketch comedian in Seattle.

No nap today. Frozen meal for lunch. Salad and horrible Bolognaise pasta for dinner. Tillamook mint chip ice cream is not as good as I remembered it.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chatters.

Raccoon is back, but not under the house. Camera alarm scares it off.

Plans for tomorrow:
Visit the mailbox
Quick Groc trip for bananas and salad greens.

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