Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of wind, lots of clouds, Taxes

Once again very windy and overcast weather kept me home today. But I had a ton of stuff on Tivo.

Finished Saving Hope season 4 I think. It ends in a TBC. Interesting that it is set in Canada. I've finally figured out the metaphysics of it. But now they have three people who see spirits, and one is all voodoo about it. And the soap opera themes continue to twist and turn. They get downright romantic at times.

Gold Rush is too long. 3 hours a pop. And so many machines break - they don't believe in routine maintenance.

Hot Bench continues to find stupid people and liars.

Ma'am and Spook are still making rude noises. Mostly Ma'am. I've had to use the air spray to get her off my recliner seat she wants to fight me for it.

Delivered: a foot bath and lavender/Epsom salt. Should have soaked my feet while watching TV. Tomorrow. My heels are cracking, and the Eucerin is not enough.

Rolled up the astroturf which previous owner put in the back for her dogs. Will bulk garbage it Monday.

On a whim checked Turbotax and the latest update fixed a couple of forms which Congress had stalled. Looks like I'm getting some $ back for the missing stimulus check, a credit for the car charger, and withheld $$ from SS and my IRA withdrawal.

No California tax filing - I didn't make enough in the 2 months I lived there in 2020.

Streamed. Lots of chatters.

Looked into CenturyLink. They only have slow internet, and no TV service.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the weather
Lots of stuff to bring to the curb for Monday early bulk garbage collection
Quality time on Tivo

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