Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Good hummingbird pix, but could do better

There was an Anna's female (I think) which ignored the bees and drank at the feeder about every half hour - I changed angles and got three different views. 1/2000 at about f13, 1600 ISO 300 mm. Depth of field not so good - need to try shorter focal length, I think. Photos are here.

Some samples:










Watched some streams, had crackers and brie for lunch. Are the last of the German chocolate cupcakes. Still have chocolate dipped donut holes and plenty of ice cream.

Finished watching Gold Rush. The underwater crews are making some progress for very small gold nuggets. Stuff is breaking on all the strip mines.

Streamed for an hour, two active chatters.

Ran the dishwasher. Needed salad bowls.

Sat in on a Zoom meeting. RPCVs who think the PC is an imperialist organization and they have a petition to abolish it. Idiots. "Abolish Peace Corps: A Movement Toward Ending Neocolonialism in International Development". They wonder why PC and none of the PCV alumni groups want to listen to them. There is nothing colonialist about PC. Volunteers are invited by the host countries and work as equals with the people in those countries.

Brought in all the stray cat food bowls. Neighbor has trappers coming tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try more hummer photos @ 50mm (the Tamron lens can do macro).
Cat trapping
Take out the garbage (bulk stuff is already at the curb, including the Astroturf)
S. FL streamer should be on the water again
Stream - not attending BASFA

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