Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Trapping, Below Deck Reunion, First 48, hummers

Tried some new tricks with the hummingbird photos, not as successful as hoped, but still some good shots.





Watched my favorite fishing stream but the weather was poor and he got skunked.

Cat trapper showed up with 3 traps, smaller than the raccoon traps. Caught the hungry yelling cat right away, Goldie just landed in a trap a little after midnight. One more trap left but probably 3 more cats to go. She will have them veterenarianized and brought back here. Not through TAF, another place.

Below Deck reunion was on Andy Cohen, the flake showed up but was booted off early since he wasn't on the show very long. The misogynous jerk crew guy was a no-show. The stew who was fired was wearing a very pretty sexy outfit, and wore so much makeup I didn't recognize her.

The First 48 continues to be well done. OTOH losing interest in Hot Bench.

Coffee maker arrived with a can of Hills Brothers. Made 2 cups. It was okay but a Mr. Coffee would be better. The travel kind. Also in the box was Thai tea mix and Oliang (โอเลี้ยง)  (very strong Thai coffee powder).

Streamed for an hour but no chatters, lots of lurkers. Did not attend BASFA meeting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Help with cat trapping
Maybe try some new tricks photographing hummers - mint extract on the feeder may repel the bees.
Maybe drive to the wetlands park

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