Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hand drip coffee FAIL, cat trap WINs, Bachelor dullness, new streaming cam on order

12:45 am motion sensor by the back steps beeped. Golden cat tripped the trap. 9 am I texted neighbor, she also trapped a cat last night. The trapper lady came and collected all 3, and said they ought to be back in 2 days no-reproductive, with all theirs shots and a vet checkup. Yay. I kept one trap, since I think there are more cats out there. Te kibble I put out as a lure was eaten by pigeons. 
The coffee maker looked okay, but it requires standing over it with hot water. It would be great for a cup's worth in a travel situation but the carafe is 800 ml and that's a lot of standing around pouring hot water. I've ordered a more automatic device. Needs AC though.

Also ordered was Eveready AAA batteries because the Amazon brand doesn't work in some of my devices - they made the + terminal too short.

And I finally found, at Target of all places, the streaming camera with built in ring light I've been waiting for. I've been displeased with Logitech's Chinese language drivers, and been using too many lights in the office.

Also ordered a domestic made pigeon repeller gadget.

Delivered was a box of 200 tall kitchen bags.

Dripping mint extract on the hummer feeder worked for about an hour. No birds came by that I saw. I've ordered spray bottles and a 16 oz jug of mint extract.

Watched The Bachelor while soaking my feet in the new basin with Epsom salt and lavender. Spook was confused. So was the bachelor. He has no idea what he wants. So much of the season was wasted on producer-invented drama. One woman bowed out after meet the parents session. Mom basically challenged her to find any shred of intelligence in Matt.

Four sets of parental units:
1. Black dad, white mom
2. Hispanic Dad, white mom
3. Single white mom with 2 fatherless kids (one an infant)
4. White/maybe first nations dad, mom from India roots

The cats got very vocal a couple of times. Spook always backs off, eventually.

Took a nap for an hour around 3, it was helpful.

Printed a page of gold foil copyright notices for the additional calendars and stuck therm on.

Streamed for an hour, several chatters.

Plans for tomorrow:
Gotta go for a drive.

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