Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cat #4 and her boyfriend

At about 8 pm one more cat was captured, a small female. We know it's female because a tomcat we had never seen before was hanging around the trap several times during the night and eventually went under the house. Trapper says she thinks the trapped cat was in heat, so we got her just in time. When she brings back the last cat she will probably set up a trap for the boyfriend.

I did another 3 sets of hummingbird shots, the bird came by about every half hour. The first two sets the camera was focused on a port which the bird did not use, so those pix were out of focus and useless. The final set was at 1600 ISO, 300 mm, P setting (let the camera decide f stop and shutter speed) and they came out well.Clicky There was bee on bird action:





Delivered was a Razr Kiyo streaming camera with a ring light. Turns out the ring light allows glare off my glasses so you can't see my eyes. And the camera is awkward to mount on top of my monitor. I think I have gotten it in a good place through trial and error.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chatter.

Watched some streams, one FL streamer was out snagging iguanas for dinner. It was a warm day, he had to work for it.

Continuing to binge watch Saving Hope. Unfortunately the station is skipping episodes. I'm on season 5, but missing  a lot of back story. They try to be diverse, but it bites them in the ass from time to time. They mispronounced "tuk-tuk" every time (it's a long U not a short U) and the pronunciation of the Yiddish word for the evil eye was not only horribly mangled, it was misused.

PTI has been getting more heated lately. Tony needs to get back to the studio.

Lots of stuff recording as I type. Will have more to write about tomorrow.


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