Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Internet down, halibut fishing, feeder news

The internet died around 12:30 am, livingroom lights were stuck on, bedroom lights off. Used bathroom lights which are not internetted.

Cox chat tech said ETA 7:45 am. But nope, woke up at 8:30, no alarm because no internet.

Up & showered & dressed, used phone data for Cox chat, it took 2 reboots of the modem to regain internet.

Outside, only one cat came to the food, and didn't eat much. Pigeons finished it off.

The bees seem to be confused by the glue gun job on the feeder, I hope it stays that way. Saw a bird grab some lint from the sage tree and zoom away to a nest somewhere.

Too cold & windy to stay on the porch. Moved the flag holder so they are both on the same side, and installed the PC flag aside from and below the US one.

Ma'am settled in as tummy cat while i watched the final episodes of Saving Hope.

Watch a couple of streamers on the beach in SoCal fishing for halibut. I think they caught one.

Dinner was salad and chicken with creamed corn. Ma'am was on my tummy while I ate & watched Gold Rush.

Word is the trapper is returning two cats tomorrow afternoon, one is pregnant. Not what I expected.

Delivered - 16 oz of mint extract.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take a drive. check the mailbox.

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