Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wash expedition is a wash, two cats returned

After breakfast I hopped in the car, took Tropicana to Durante to Flamingo and turned on Stephanie instead of going straight. Ended up back on Tropicana heading home. A look at Google maps tells me I should have taken Durante to Stephanie and turned right on E. Rochelle instead of going all the way to Flamingo. But the good news is I found the horseman's park, and there was some kind of event going on. Had I remembered my camera I would have gone and watched.

Not much to do at home. I laundered the fleece blanket Spook barfed on. Put wet food out for the strays but only one showed up and he didn't like it. So I put out dry food but he didn't come back. Neighbor says he ate at her place.

Bees are mostly gone from the feeder, but no birds either, probably due to the high winds. No pigeons as well.

4-ish the tapper came by and released the two females. Both had been spayed, the pregnant one lost its babies. So no feral kittens to have to take care of.

We set up the trap again, hope to get the Boyfriend. He went under my house this morning when there was no food out yet. I expect he'll check out the trap around midnight.

Took all the food in and put it on top of the dryer. Ma'am was up there chomping on it, so it's in the fridge now. She was not pleased at being hauled off of there.

Watched me some Texas Law (game wardens not real po-leese). And one more Hot Bench in which the defendants in both cases were very poor liars.

90 Day Fiance I will save for tomorrow.

Got disturbing email from youngest sister. She received a second replacement calendar. I do not remember sending her more than one but obviously I did. Looking at my LJ, I mailed the first one on my way back from Covid shot #1. Hmmmm. I should have remembered that. The second one was on a grocery store run.

Called my sister, and I'd even put an identical post-it on both of them. We chatted for a while about a lot of things.

Tried to watch one of my chatter friends stream, but the signal was bad. FL fisherman was already back from his trip with kids before I was awake. One storm chaser was out. Four others were streaming games and non-storm content.

Streamed but no one showed up so I stopped after half an hour.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on if the boyfriend is in the trap
Find the Vegas Wash
Bring the Nikon

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