Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wash Plant

After breakfast and un-setting the trap & putting kibble out, it was time to try to find the Vegas Wash. Followed the map to E. Rochelle and hit a dead end - the LV water treatment plant is in the way and the street was gated, for plant vehicles only.

Took two more possible routes, but they all dead ended. The most likely one was Desert Inn Rd., and it was blocked - I could see it once went through but was washed out.

Home, the maps showed no way in from the south, but there are golf courses and a skate park which might have a view, which I'll try some other time.

In the mailbox was a pair of Ring cam mounting hardware sets, I installed one on the  porch camera but it didn't quite let me position the cam the way I want it. Closer though.

Took in the 3 remaining feeders, hot glued them and filled them with nectar with a lot of green food coloring.

So far the bees are fewer. I'll give it a week. Meanwhile no hummers on the feeders but one grabbed some lint for a nest.

On the porch with baloney, cheese and a cold drink, and watched SoFloWildlife on the water with a couple of other streamers, who hauled in fish after fish. Most were groupers which wo't be in season till May but they were able to keep a mackerel and some big yellow stripe snappers. OTR was having issues with his truck, Stormview was en route somewhere.

Delivered was a big box from Imperfect Foods. No really odd produce. Pears are rock hard, avocados were tiny & rock hard, celery was okay, tangelos were huge and ripe. Mangoes need a few days. Gouda snack bites yummy, other snack bites meh, chocolate coated nuts were awful - grainy, why did I order 2 types of bacon? Cheese spread looks good. Lox looks excellent. Bottom line is I probably won't use them again, not enough of what I eat.

Joined the BASFA zoom, then streamed for 45 minutes but only lurkers.

In med news, finished the Pradaxa, started using Xeralto which is one tiny pill a day instead of two big ones.

No cats trapped.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not feeling well, may just relax.
Or may go to the skate park with the camera.
Maybe both

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