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Mister Eclectic


Couldn't sleep. Massive headache. 3 Tylenol helped. Checked the back door cam, the fat raccoon got snagged in the cat trap, around midnight.

3 am two of his buddies came to taunt him. He lunged and barked at them.

Up and dressed around 8:30, raccoon had shredded not only all the newspaper which had lined the bottom of the trap but also the blanket which had been on top of the trap. He was pretty angry.

Texted C next door asking her to contact trapper Jean, but no answer so around 11 I called Animal Control and asked them to collect the raccoon but leave the trap.

Hgl was > 300. Yikes. No idea why. Shot up 60 units of fast acting, >240 an hour later so another 60.  one more hour down to 140. No breakfast. Tried to nibble on Organic PNB but it tasted like sand. Need to buy Laura Scudders.
Read news on the PC, also followed S. FL who was already on the water fishing with two well-known  streamers who had arranged to visit. One of them kept hauling in fish after fish. Between the 3 of them they kept 20 yellow striped snappers, a couple of mackerel and one other. They also threw back a small shark, a big moray eel and a few groupers.

After a while I took the tablet out on the porch and watched them some more. Nice day here, nicer there. I finished the gouda snacks.

Neighbor came over around 1:30, thought about taking raccoon into the wetlands but it lunged at her and barked, so no let's not do that. Much later Animal Control showed up, after some drama she put the animal in one of her traps. I swept up the shredded stuff which had also been peed on, hosed down the area and the trap.
I think we're done trapping.

Delivered was 3x12 packets of Thai tea mix,  so I mixed up a quart of Thai tea. Let it cool then put it in the fridge. Drank diet cola in the meantime.

Also delivered was a package which had been held up at Fedex Memphis for a week. And then a 35 lb bag of Kit & Kaboodle Outdoor. Will put some of that out tomorrow morning.

So far no visitors to the carport.

Watched one episode of Hot Bench. The Bachelor was pre-empted by the Women Tell All, so I nuked that. It's all the losers making needless drama.

I may have watched PTI but don't remember.

Channel surfed to Superman & Lois.  Way too violent. Clark and his sons are meh actors. Lois is great.

Added Resident Alien to my recording list. Reccomended by BASFAns

Spook went out of her way a few times to annoy Ma'am. Ma'am always over-reacts. Even when she's been on my tummy purring and mostly asleep.

I need to redo my cats page on the web.

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