Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wasted time with Humana

Hgl was high again this morning, using high test insulin to fix it. Called Humana pharmacy, they claim that they can't fix prescriptions that the insurance denies.  

Phone call from the PCP clinic I have been trying to sign onto for 3 weeks, told her to shove it. I'm trying to get away from clinics which don't call back.

Called PCP, asked to speak to my diabetes NP, but ended up making a Friday appointment with the new MD. Been waiting for her to come on board since January. Funny thing is after she got her MD she added certs for a DO. From the Philippines but with a Chinese surname. Hmmm.

Opened the 35# bag of kibble and scooped some into a 6" tower. Put that on the carport, but only got some nibbles. Strays are eating next door.

Checking the cams, big raccoon visited around midnight, came right up onto the back steps. But I think I'm done trapping.

Had a vivid dream this morning that I was in a vehicle like a golf cart being driven by a PCV friend in North Carolina. Woke up as I was asking how her girls were. Ma'am was on the bed with me. She had been under the bed making noises at Spook an hour before.

Went onto FB and re-followed PCV friend. I had stopped following during the election campaign, she was flooding the place with voter stuff and white woman guilt BLM stuff. It's Peace Corps week but I can't celebrate while the program is on hold and no volunteers or staff are in the field.

Tuned in at noon to a zoom-like meeting called by Humana which said it would show how to make meals to promote senior health. I expected a cooking demo. But what I got was a very poor Cisco meeting which required an app AND a Chrome extension. There were 5 panelists listed but only 2 had video or said anything. I was the only attendee I could see, but it was clear there were a lot of others.

First FAIL is they started by explaining the Humana program. I left and came back in 5 minutes. Second FAIL is they were doing a slide show on basic nutrition, grade school stuff. I left and came back in 10. third FAIL is they only showed slides of healthy ingredients, no recipes, no cooking, nothing I didn't already know. And one of the panelists was on a bad connection.

Relaxed outside on the porch for a while, was going to go to a scenic park but the clouds rolled in and wind whipped up so I stayed home watching old episodes of Airplane Repo. One Hot Bench.  No PTI because March Madness. And read a lot of online news. And watched  a couple of episodes of The Wall Song on YouTube.

Mouse pad delivered.

Streamed for half an hour before anyone chatted.

Cooked up bacon ends and pieces. WAY too salty. But they will make good salad topping after I crush them.

Plans for tomorrow:
grab the camera and go to the skateboard park by the north end of the Wash

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