Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's a Wash

After breakfast I put the kibble back out for the strays, gabbed the camera and punched the Hollywood Park into the GPS. It took me a longer route than Google Maps said, but it got me there.

Chain of blocks to keep people from falling into the culvert. Put there after flash floods probably 2 + years ago.

Skateboard park is now unreachable. :-(

More blockade going toward Frenchman's Mountain

Looking back to the city. Mt, Charleston has snow on it.

I had to delay my trip because a moving van was blocking my driveway. Next door neighbors have moved in. I have not seen them yet, but have not been out there looking.

Home, processed the pix, the set is here.

Not much on Twitch or on Tivo. Trimmed Ma'am's nails, she was not cooperative.

As I was FBing, Spook decided to stalk Ma'am and after a lot of rude noises on Ma'am's part, full out attacked her. She boxes - has a mean left jab. I still think she just wants Ma'am to play with her, and gets annoyed at the wailing the smaller cat puts up.

Placed another order for Imperfect Foods but will cancel, because it's too soon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably meet the neighbors
PCP appointment at 2
Maybe get my nails done

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